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Nature, rest and space

Nature takes centre stage on our podium. Those who like it pure, are at the right address with us. Here you won’t find anything foreign, or anything that is staged. What you will find here, originated here and grew here.  Bizarre rock formations, deeply embedded rivulets, healthy clear air, gigantic forests, lots of wetlands, lakes  and colourful poppy fields, the Waldviertel offers you all of this. Experience the power of nature and discover its authenticity!!

Some examples:
-Blockheide Nature Reserve in Gmund, with a large viewing tower and huge rocks in many forms.

-Hochmoor Schrems Here you will find a 20 meter ladder into the sky, a lovely walk will take you through the old peat moor, and a visit to “Unterwasserwelt” completes your day.

-Heidenreichsteinermoor Nature Reserve    in Heidenreichstein 

-Ceske Canada

One of the loveliest and largest nature reserves in Czech Republic, just on the other side of the border only 7 km. from Königsleitn, with 400 year old linden trees, 24 meters high, and 7.5 meters diameter, genuine monuments.
The former iron curtain: A large stretched out nature reserve, no people entered there for 40 years, therefore it has a huge diversity. A large part of this is situated in our immediate vicinity. 


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