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Cities and towns

An idyllic little city with its market square and restaurants where you can treasure that lovely holiday feeling.

The name comes from one of the first viscounts called Heidenreich. He was the owner of the Heidenreichstein castle, which is a Water stronghold. This castle can be viewed in the summer.

Station of the narrow railway track and renowned glass blowers’ city, there are many glassblower crafters here where children can blow glass themselves.

Schrems has had a beer brewery since 1410, it is a family business run from the home of the Trojan Family who is still brewing beer, for us too. Schrems also has a lovely museum with a modern sculpture garden.

A walled city with a charming old city square.

A city on the banks of the Danube, a bit further away but definitely worth the effort.

Gmund is an  important border crossing between the Czech Republic and is situated next to the Blockheide Nature Reserve.
Impressive Sgraffito houses situated along the market square dates from the year 1600, a lovely sight to behold.
Other drawing cards are the subtropical pool paradise” Solo-Felsenbad”, and there is also a station for the tourist attraction, the narrow railway line departing from Litschau. There is an excellent rail connection from Gmund to Vienna and Prague.

At these 2 locations, you can ski in winter. They are small areas for the inexperienced skier or children. But with a sleigh, you can also enjoy a whole heap of fun in the snow.

The capital city of Austria with its rich history situated along the Danube River, with amongst others the opera building, its churches and palaces including Palace Schonbrunn, the well known palace of Empress Sisi. It is only two hours ride, but really worth your while for a day-trip.

-Raabs and Drosendorf at the Thaya
Two walled cities on the border with the Czech Republic, every town or city has its own stronghold or castle, where days gone by can be relived.

-Cesky krumlov

This little city is world famous and is situated in the Czech Republic, an hour’s drive from Litschau. On the UNESCO world heritage list


The largest ruin of Central Europe. To be viewed from April to November.

-Jindrichuv Hradec                                                                                                                                                                           

A lovely castle and historical market square. Here in the Museum, the largest moving Nativity scene in Europe can be viewed.
Trebon, an old city where the rich heritage of days gone by was retained.


And many more historical cities in the Southern Bohemians, Czech Republic, all within an hours travelling.



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